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There are a number of areas of fair compensation that you may be entitled to if you are injured due to the fault of someone else.

These areas include compensation for:

Pain & Suffering

Pain and suffering damages, also known as non-pecuniary or non-monetary damages, are intended to compensate you for the fact that your quality of life has been negatively affected.  The amounts vary based on the severity and duration of the injury, and your unique circumstances.  No two cases are identical.

Loss of Income Earning Capacity
(Past & Future)

Loss of earning capacity damages compensate you for your past and future loss of income and earnings. This can include missed opportunities to earn income, delayed education, delayed or missed promotions, career changes, and obviously any time off of work.

Out of Pocket Expenses

Treatments and equipment to help you get better or adapt to life with your injury can be time consuming and expensive.  So long as the expenses are determined to be reasonably incurred because of the fault of the person who injured you, these can be claimed in your case.

Cost of Future Care

For people who don’t make a full recovery, future treatment and rehabilitation costs can be expensive, especially when looking at the duration of that person’s career or life.  Future treatment costs can form a critical part of ensuring that you receive fair compensation so you have the treatment you need to maximize your function and prevent your condition from getting worse.

In-Trust Claims

If you are fortunate enough to have friends or family help you with your recovery, an in-trust claim can be advanced for the time the friend or family member spends helping you.

Loss of or Impaired Housekeeping Capacity

Some injuries can make it difficult or impossible to carry out housekeeping tasks.  Ensuring you are compensated fairly includes assessing what if any help you will need with these tasks throughout your recovery and into the future.

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