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We understand you’ve worked hard to get where you are and when you’ve been injured due to the fault of another, you are entitled to recover all that you’ve lost. We understand there is no substitute for hard work. At Collins Peterson our focus is on protecting you and your loved ones and ensuring you recover fully what is yours.


"Before I was referred to Mr Peterson, I was really struggling with my case, but everything worked so well after I hired him. He made sure I understood what was happening, how to proceed, and ensured that I was being taken care of. On top of that, my case was settled with great results. He and his team was easy to work with and very professional. I would highly recommend Collins Peterson LLP"

- J.B.

"I called Nick for some advice soon after getting into a car accident. From that moment on I was in good hands. He kept me well informed and was quick to respond when I reached out with any questions. I found that anyone I spoke with at Collin’s Peterson through this process was very professional also easy to talk to. If I ever need a lawyer for anything in the future I would definitely reach out again. Thanks for the settlement Nick"

- D.K.


"Collins Peterson is an absolutely top notch firm. Nick and his team do a fantastic job of keeping you informed. They made sure I was in the know, and I felt supported throughout my dealings with them. Highly recommended them."

- A.P.

“Simon Collins was the perfect lawyer to have during what was a difficult time for our family. He represented a family member in a commercial host over serving liability case and was present and dedicated throughout the entire process. He was professional, empathetic, hardworking, and kind. I would highly recommend Simon Collins for anyone seeking proper representation.”

- A. K.

"Would HIGHLY recommend this firm. Nick was my lawyer for my car accident and he was amazing. He was always available when I needed, worked hard at his job and got me a settlement I deserved. He explained everything in detail and made sure I understood what was happening. Patient, kind, reliable and dedicated. Thank you for everything!!"

- C.R.

“My wife and I engaged Simon Collins to help us with our insurance case. He really cares about his clients and went above and beyond to help us out. Simon responds quickly to email and even when he's busy, he never makes you feel that way. He's a very skilled lawyer and we'd hire him again without hesitation.”

- A.A.

"I am a lawyer working in injury law in a different city than Collins Peterson LLP. I read a very valuable and well-written legal article by Nicholas Peterson in a highly regarded journal, The Verdict. Nicholas himself took my phone call to answer further questions about the issues discussed in his article, even though I was a stranger to him, and he assisted me without charge even though he was very busy at the time. I have a lot of respect for Nicholas's research and writing, and also for his kind professionalism and collegiality."

- M.M., Lawyer

"Nick is a wonderful lawyer who is truly on your side. Knowledgeable, friendly, and well intentioned, Nick is there when you need him most. I had an excellent time working with Nick and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer! Also, his assistant Melanie is really organized and very easy to talk to. I'm grateful for their support and professionalism. Thank you Collins Peterson LLP!"

- J.F.

"Before I was referred to Mr Peterson, I was really struggling with my case, but everything worked so well after I hired him. He made sure I understood what was happening, how to proceed, and ensured that I was being taken care of. On top of that, my case was settled with great results. He and his team was easy to work with and very professional. I would highly recommend Collins Peterson LLP."

- J.B.

"My immediate family member was in a trip and fall case and we were referred by another lawyer friend to enter an agreement with Simon. Simon is very professional, he is kind hearted and have been very patient throughout the process to assist us with guidance and answering any questions we have in a timely manner. His assistants at the office were also very friendly and attentive. The case was successfully settled before going to the court with a satisfactory outcome that exceeded our initial expectations and we are really thankful for Simon's help. I would highly recommend Simon and Collins Peterson!”

- P.G.

"Simon Collins represented me on a personal injury claim in 2016, and I would absolutely recommend him as a personal injury lawyer to anyone. Simon is a dependable, professional and confident lawyer who handled my personal injury case with integrity, honesty, compassion, and respect. He walked me through every step of the process with attention to detail and experience beyond his years. He was always accessible to answer any questions or concerns I had and remained a steadfast advisor on my rights and responsibilities throughout the process. I felt absolute confidence in his abilities to negotiate a reasonable and equitable settlement for my claim. Thanks Simon!"

- A.G.

"I had the great pleasure to have Nicholas Peterson on my team throughout the process. Alleviating lots of my stress and concern at parts of the process, I always felt in good hands. He was very easy to work with. The result of his work was worth 10 stars, however. I have heard many people struggle to find good representation, and I very fortunate to have Collins Peterson in my corner. Me and my family are very grateful for their efforts, I couldn't recommend them enough."

- C.S.

“From my first meeting with Simon, I never doubted or second guessed choosing him as my lawyer for my dental negligence/malpractice suit. I was never left in the dark as to what was about to happen going forward. He always kept me fully informed, and reassuringly, at ease by making sure I knew what was ahead. Most importantly, having never been through any legal proceedings, I was always made aware of pros and cons but I knew that ultimately I could decide what was going to happen going forward. His professional conduct was exemplary while still fully open and engaging. My case spanned the better part of 5 years and not once did I feel unsupported, uninformed or remotely ill-represented.
I can never thank him enough for the dedication he had in pursuing the righting of a procedure that went horribly wrong for me.
His investment in my case changed my life. I no longer felt helpless and hopeless.
Thank you, Collins Peterson, for everything you did.”

- C.A.

“Simon gave exceptional support through my injury claim. After three months of self-managing I spoke with Simon, where he explained a process that would ultimately unfold exactly as he explained from the first day. There were no surprises during the time my claim was being processed. Simon eased the administrative and legal parts of my claim so that I could focus on the recovery and working out changes I needed over time. He also helped liaise between medical, therapists, and insurance claims adjustors which often involved details outside of what I would have known without his advice. As a therapist for car crash Injuries I hear experiences of others with lawyers. Simon goes well and above what I’ve heard from other. He has always come across to me as simply enjoying his work and aspiring to truly help me. He breaks the “lawyer” stereotype and I can unequivocally recommend his service to anyone with an injury from car crash.”

- C.C

"The trauma of dealing with the outcome of a personal injury is often overwhelming, let alone addressing the recovery process. Adding the stress of navigating the intricacies of dealing with large institutions, can make the situation feel insurmountable. Finding Simon Collins brought stability, hope and a sense of peace that “someone had my back” – and it made all the difference. Simon is a highly skilled professional, with not only the knowledge and expertise to tackle the hard problems, but he also has an enormous heart, sharing both compassion and empathy. He always presented the situation with a solid understanding of the law alongside a recognition of reality. I would highly recommend his firm, Collins Peterson. I also appreciated their hardworking support staff, always super friendly and responsive - people who clearly love their jobs! You made a huge difference in my life!”

- W.K.

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